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RT @johnmaeda: “We found 13% improvement in performance from people working at home.” —@StanfordBiz https://t.co/7ywmwY5s4s
Chatbot 4 Enterprise fa tappa ad Osimo https://t.co/f5BPszPYDr via @ideato
RT @rasmus: Amazing work by @julienPauli @ircmaxwell and @nikita_ppv on documenting modern PHP internals! https://t.co/7y071I0PFO
RT @ezimuel: Are you ready for PHP 7.1? Come to my talk, today at @phpday, 11am track1, https://t.co/ud6IGWnw1Y #PHP @zend @RogueWaveInc @z…
RT @emagorse: We will fork the universe after this 2-days workshop. Amazing people, exploring the future of two great companies with @Cocoo…
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